Survey on COVID19

Which country first affected by coronavirus

Which of the following is an unusual feature of the replication cycle in coronaviruses?

Describe the coronavirus structure.

What is the major complication involved in a COVID-19 patient?

When do the symptoms start appearing?

Who is more susceptible?

How much alcohol should the sanitizer contain?

What is the distance to be maintained to prevent the spread?

What can be worn to prevent the spread?

How to clean a face mask?

What test is done for current infections?

What test is done for past infection?

Who carries out these tests?

How do you know you have COVID-19

How to confirm that you have got COVID-19?

How do you know your bodies have sufficient antibodies?

What has it caused worldwide?

The most affected country in the world

Patients with COVID have to be in

How can we stop the spread from happening?